HTML forms

Forms are one of the most important elements on your website.

Forms are

  • how you first interact with your customer
  • are the means by which you accept their orders
  • often dictate the way that you save information to your database.

It is vital to get all this correct so that the information that you get back is accurate and useable.

Additionally, there are these important considerations:

  • How you word the labels or questions so that there is no doubt in the user’s mind about what they should answer
  • How you validate the input from the user
  • How easy it is for the user’s eye to navigate through the form
  • How and whether you check that the user is a real human
  • How you thank the user for their time in filling out the form and

And on top of all that you want to make sure that the user

  • doesn’t have to fill in form elements that don’t apply to them
  • isn’t asked to provide information that you have no right to ask or keep
  • isn’t asked to provide information that is irrelevant or which they might not want to provide for understandable security reasons
  • knows when and where to click the final ‘Submit’ button in the confidence that everything is okay.

We can help with all this by auditing the forms on your website, or by helping you plan the forms for your new web pages.

Just get in touch! (Whoops – now you’ll need to fill in a form and you don’t know where to find it…)