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Allegro Brio

It's time. With Lockdown slowly unravelling, it's time to get ready to bring the music back. Although concert hall opening may be delayed until the summer, now is the time to get audiences relishing the thought of live music again

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Music lifts the spirits, brings people together, encourages, teaches and makes us human. We must have live music back

- Allegro-Brio founder, Martin Le Poidevin

Martin Le Poidevin

Get to know us

Martin Le Poidevin is a singer, composer, teacher and conductor. He has also spent half a lifetime working in publishing as an editor and journalist - including creating websites, from the very start of the internet era.

Martin says: "The world is moving online - and we, as musicians, need to embrace that."

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What we have done

Recent projects for Allegro Brio have included websites for Bristol Song Recital Series, Singing, Cryptic Word Puzzles and Today's Psalms.

All use a range of appropriate technologies, including PHP, Javascript, (S)CSS, Wordpress, Joomla, MEAN Stack and more.

Yes! We can provide server space, email support and all the other aspects of a fully-functional website.

What we can do

A short, inexhaustive list of what we could possibly do for you. Ask us for more:

  • A mobile app, downloadable from your site and/or from official sites - your online calling card
  • Rescuing, extending and redesigning existing designs
  • Full, from-scratch sites, bespoke for your style and career
  • Add functionality to your site: a calendar, a Covid-19 Ts & Cs for teaching, and the other extra little bits legally required - cookie consent, picture 'alt' texts, GDPR alignment and more
  • A content overhaul - get words which make you stand out


You're a musician, and we're musicians, so we guess we ought to include some music...

Of course we could have YouTube videos and gallery shots, but in order to keep the clutter down on your page, we could just have an audio sample:

Contact us

We really want to hear from you with your requests for new or upgrading existing sites, ideas for what you might include on your website, and more.

Although we mainly work with musicians, we love working with real people (! that's a joke for musicians !) too, so get in touch. Just think of the extra unexpected touches you can add to your website!

Please use the form alongside to contact us, but you can also get in touch using:

Via our Twitter feed: @brio_allegro

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