We can help you

The lockdown is easing.

Soon, you’ll be looking for work again. Having a website will help you to stand out from the crowd.

What we can do (these are the bits that often get left behind):

Sort out the contact form
Make a recording display and play correctly
Finish the design
Make the design work well on phone, tablet and desktop (have you tried it on those other formats yet?)
Sort out the server side of things, so you get a secure site and the domain name point without fuss at your site!

And then, as life moves on, you may want to be doing these things, too:

Put your recordings in good looking players on your site, not languishing on YouTube
Continue to blog, while linking to social network sites
Have an events page that works, is easy to manage, and yet is totally flexible
Have a resources page for students.
And do you know what you’re going to put on the blog to keep it fresh? We can help with that, too

Get in touch with us. Now. We can help

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